"A Developed India by 2020 is possible only through people's Participation" - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

India in its 70 years of Independence was able to consolidate itself as a Nation state & gradually emerged as a Key Global Leader. Today we are one of the fastest growing economies & Indians are heading the top MNCs of the World.

On the other hand, we are yet to provide basic fundamental needs like quality drinking water & decent sanitation facilities to millions. One of the primary reasons for this is the emphasis on Top-Down approach of Development. The Panchayat Raj system which was brought with a great hope is yet to deliver as the Local Governance system is not yet fully empowered. It is time to strengthen local governance and focus on Participatory Governance where Citizens would be able to assert their requirements democratically.

Join for Development (JD) Foundation

The great hope of Society is in individual character. JD Foundation (Join for Development Foundation), ardently believes in nurturing and developing the character, skills and the spirit of enterprise of Individuals, particularly the Youth. A nation which is so Young needs to be nurtured carefully to put it on the path of progress and JD Foundation intends to add value on it. One of the focus areas is empowering Local Governance through a Participatory approach. Adoption of People's Manifestos is one such initiative.

Political Parties Manifestos

Manifestos have had distinct purposes at various historical moments in political history. For example, manifestos till the end of the last century were relatively short and pithy documents. They set out a broad vision of society that was a decisive break from what had gone before. In contrast, the ones in this Century spelled out the approach to public service reform across health, education and criminal justice.

What is less clear about party manifestos is how far they actually assist the democratic process. Very few people will read the manifesto of the party they are voting for. Most people depend on sound bite summaries that appear in the mass media.

About People's Manifesto

People's Manifesto is an idea of capturing the requirements of an area based on the aspirations of the local people of that area and enshrined as a manifesto that

It is proposed that Political parties be made accountable by developing manifestos for every small area. The idea is to engage local people intensely in the entire Planning and development process. This will also enable the people of all sections and age groups to participate in the development process by involving themselves on the needs of the community.