Political Parties Manifestos

Manifestos have had distinct purposes at various historical moments in political history. For example, manifestos till the end of the last century were relatively short and pithy documents. They set out a broad vision of society that was a decisive break from what had gone before. In contrast, the ones in this Century spelled out the approach to public service reform across health, education and criminal justice.


What is less clear about party manifestos is how far they actually assist the democratic process. Very few people will read the manifesto of the party they are voting for. Most people depend on sound bite summaries that appear in the mass media.

Manifestos are unlikely to disappear from party’s campaigns. They are required on the larger canvas. However, there should be more independent scrutiny of manifestos: National or State Institutes must be tasked with producing detailed costing and assessments of each party’s manifesto to assist public debate. That might help voters digest the information they need before voting and help them make informed choices.

About People's Manifesto

People's Manifesto is an idea of capturing the requirements of an area based on the aspirations of the local people of that area and enshrined as a manifesto that Political Parties must work if elected.

It is proposed that Political parties be made accountable by developing manifestos for every small area. The idea is to engage local people intensely in the entire Planning and development process. This will also enable the people of all sections and age groups to participate in the development process by involving themselves on the needs of the community. The preliminary People's manifestos can be developed by Youth, Intellectuals, Proactive persons of that area which can be endorsed by either Gram Sabha or Panchayat. In the current Panchayat system, the Ruling Party and the local Public Representatives are playing a dominant role which is weakening the Panchayat system. The idea of evolving a People's Manifesto is to empower the local people identify the needs of the area and seek their implementation, if elected.

Let's Prepare People's Manifesto